User guide

For sellers

1.signup for membership

Registering for a new member is as easy as entering the required information. Click the registration authentication email that arrives at the registered email address to complete.

2.Login to the site

Enter the registration information (email address and password) you entered when you registered as a member, and click the “Login” button to log in.

3.Register a seller from My Page

Register your bank account information to receive the necessary information and income as a merchant as a seller

4.Pay a monthly fee as a seller

Make a credit card payment for the system usage fee ($ 7.99 per month) as a seller. After the next month, it will be settled automatically.70% of the sales minus the settlement fee (about 3.6%) will be the seller's sales revenue, and the amount withholding income tax will be transferred to the registered bank account.

5.Register the product you want to sell

Start registering products from "Sell products" in the left column or My Page. Fill in the product name and detailed information you want to exhibit, confirm the pledge confirmation, check it in, and complete the exhibition.

6.The product is purchased

The seller does not need to do anything because the buyer downloads the product.

7.Check your revenue

You can check monthly sales from check revenue on My Page.
※This revenue is included consumption tax and deducted withholding tax.

8.Receive income from bank account

The payout is scheduled for the end of the month following the month in which the sales occurred.