Monoplata (mount position)

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Monoplata is a technique that puts pressure on the shoulder joints in the manner of Kimura Rock by entwining the arms around the lower body, similar to Omoplata.

This video introduces an entry from an opponent in a mount position who crosses his arm in front of his chest and is wary of strangulation and arm crosses.

It is possible to attack the opponent's arm using the whole body and weight, and not only the feeling of close contact but also the power is very high, personally it is a technique that I trust more than a normal arm cross.

However, in actual battles, the opponent may extend his elbows to escape the pressure of Kimura Rock, so in that case, quickly switch to a holding cross or arm cross.

When practicing for the first time, be careful not to hurt your partner, as the use of the body will be a movement that is not so common with other techniques.



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