One Leg X Guard Setup (Sitting Guard)

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Introducing the procedure to enter the One Leg X Guard for a standing opponent.

We make so-called Sin-on-Shin Control, which hooks each other's ankles while holding one of the other's legs, but it is also important to always press the chest from the front against the other's knees.

For example, if the chest comes to the side of the opponent's knee, the opponent can stick out the knee to the floor in the same way as a knee slide pass, and there is no space to slip into the pocket.

Actually, if you set up a knee slide pass, the success rate of setup will increase due to the tighter Sin Control, so be aware of detailed positioning from the preparation stage so that you can use the reaction of the other party well. please look.

It also briefly introduces how to enter when the other party does not make a knee slide pass. Please make use of it.



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